Fish Finder Pros is all about fishing and using the best technology available. My name is Andres Vegas and I love to fish. I’ve been fishing for a long time. I remember going fishing as a little boy with my family, and friends.

Fishing with a FishFinderAs I grew older I was able to combine business trips with fishing. This opened up a ton of opportunities to explore fishing in lakes, different oceans and to experiment with different fishing rods, fishing equipment, and fishing kayaks.

I love technology and decided to focus my efforts on reviewing the latest marine technology and this is how FishFindersPro.com website was born.

I really believe that Fish Finders are very innovative tools and as they evolve, they provide a better fishing experience to fishermen all over the world. Let me say that for me there is no greater joy than to reel in a big catch. Although I live in Florida, I fish in Mexico, California, and any beautiful lake that comes across my journey.

With technology advancing so quickly, Fishfinders have evolved and become indispensable. There is a great variety of expensive Fishfinder Combos as well as inexpensive portable wifi-based ones. Literally, there is a fishfinder for every budget.

I enjoy the experience of fishing in new as well as familiar places For me it’s always a new adventure.

My promise to you is that we at FishFinderPros.com will provide reviews of the latest fishing products that will make your fishing experience so much more enjoyable.