LUCKY Portable Fishing Kayak Fish Finder with Sonar Transducer and LCD Display Review

Lucky Portable Fishing Kayak FishFinder with Sonar Transducer and LCD Display Function

Lucky Portable Fishfinder
Lucky Portable Fishfinder

The Lucky Portable is a straightforward, no-fuss portable unit. The unit operates on AAA batteries. Other than that, the device was usable straight out of the box.

The Lucky handheld fishfinder comes with a wireless sonar transducer, optional fish attractor lamp, and handheld display unit with an antenna. The transducer has a 196 foot operating range. It emits a 45-degree conical beam at 200 kHz and detects fish, short/tall weeds, sand, and rocks. It will also display fish as icons rather than arcs, making it easier to read for those new to reading fish finders.

The Lucky PortableFish Finder performs basic fish finding functions, but it performs them well. It detects water depth, which it can display in either feet or meters. It can be used as a castable fish finder or can be attached to the hull of a small vessel. Because it detects fish in up to 147 feet of water and works between 14 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit, the device can be used for all types of fishing: ice, river, sea, lake, shore, kayak, or small boat.

Lucky Portable FishFinder Display and Features

The fish finder features a 2.4 inch anti-UV TFT LCD display with a 240 x 960 pixel density screen resolution, providing excellent image quality and contrast, which makes it easier to spot fish and learn contours. The unit also has a white LED backlight that you can turn on and off, making it easier to use the finder for night fishing. The display information includes contour, depth, temperature, and fish size.

The LUCKY Portable Fishing Kayak Fish Finder with Sonar Transducer and LCD Display allows you to set a fish alarm for small, medium, or large fish, which will sound when the size fish that you have selected is detected. It also allows you to adjust settings for a variety of information.

You can adjust the sensitivity, allowing you to decide how much underwater detail you would like the unit to show you. This worked well for me as I was fishing the day after a storm. The water in Lake Erie was calm, but much of the bottom had been stirred up. I was able to set the sensitivity to low so that the unit only detected large fish.

While the Lucky Portable Fish Finder is not a touch screen, which I prefer, it does have easy-to-use hand controls. There are only three buttons: power, setup, and enter. Using these buttons, you can adjust the brightness settings, the depth range for detection, the depth and fish alarms, the type of fish icon, the depth units, and the language. All of these choices allow you to customize your portable fishing experience.




  • The display is clear and easy-to-read

  •   The transducer is waterproof and usable either as a castable unit or hanging from the side of a small watercraft

  • The depth and temperature capabilities allow for the unit to be used for a variety of types of fishing and in varied conditions.

  • The unit is highly portable, weighing only a little over one pound, and comes with a neck strap.

  • The device comes with a transparent replacement cover and 25 foot transducer cable.

  • The handheld unit comes with a USB AC adapter and cable. It is rechargeable.

  • The unit has a simulation mode which allows you to try out the functions on dry land.


  • The handheld device is not submersible. It's waterproof rating only covers splashes from all directions. This can be a problem wherever you are fishing since fishermen often drop things into the water.

  • While the sonar transducer averages ten hours of battery life, the handheld unit only averages four. This limits the places in which you can use the device to locations where you can charge it or to which you can carry extra batteries.


I travel quite a lot for work, and much of it is done during lunch and dinner meetings. So, every now and then I can sneak in a morning fishing trip. On a recent trip to Cleveland, I discovered a great fishing spot about five minutes east of the city, between Lake Erie and the freeway. The East 55th Marina Fishing Area, run by the Cleveland Metroparks, has a 1200 foot fishing wall that is perfect for an hour’s worth of morning fishing.

I took a brand new Lucky Portable FishFinder and put it to the test.

For the price tag, this unit offers good functionality. I enjoyed fishing on the shores of Lake Erie, and the lucky Portable Fishing Kayak Fish Finder with Sonar Transducer and LCD Display helped me land a couple of beautiful fish that I might not have spotted otherwise.