Venterior VT-FF001 Portable Fish Finder Review

Venterior VT-FF001 Portable FishFinder Features

Venterior VT FF001 Portable Fish Finder
Venterior VT FF001 Portable Fish Finder

The Venterior T-FF001 Portable FishFinder is a straight forward, bare-bones device that gives you the most important information at a low price. My brother-in-law bought his because he fishes so many different rivers and lakes throughout the year, often without using a boat or kayak. He was looking for simplicity, durability, and flexibility, which are three features that characterize the Venterior Portable.

Venterior Portable Display

The Venterior VT-FF001 Portable FishFinder has an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) that makes for a clear picture. The LCD screen is high definition and it displays information in real time. The screen is also an anti-glare feature to make it easier to read in direct sunlight and an anti-UV coating that helps to prevent the sun’s rays from damaging the LCD display.

The graphics on this portable fishfinder unit are simple and provide basic information like depth and the position of the fish. The display is monochromatic, but it is back lit, allowing you to use it in the evening and at night.

Venterior VT Portable Fishfinder Technology

The Venterior VT-FF001 has a single beam transducer, which, even though it is unusual in a time when dual-beam transducers are common, still works well and keeps the price of the unit down. The single beam transducer has a 45-degree angle which provides you with good fish spotting in depths between two and a half (2.5) and approximately three hundred (300) feet. The only problem with the depth range is that the unit only comes with a twenty-five (25) foot cable, so if you want to use it in deeper waters, you will need to purchase a longer cable.

The unit does have side-scan adapters, so if you are looking to add to the single-beam down-scan transducer, you can purchase side-scan technology and add it to your device. The transducer only spots and displays targets in motion, so despite the fact that the display is simple, it displays only the information that you need the most. There is no visual noise on the display that you will have to interpret.

This portable FishFinder has five sensitivity settings, which allow you to determine the size of the fish that you would like it to spot for you. While it only spots fish bigger than ten (10) centimeters, you can set it to the lowest sensitivity setting if you are only interested in it finding the largest fish. The sensitivity settings also allow you to save on battery life. Unfortunately, each time you shut down the unit, the settings reset.

The technology functions between -4 and 158 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a good choice for ice fishing. However, it is only good for trolling at speeds less than five (5) miles per hour. For this reason, I would prefer to use this fish finder when I am either shore fishing, wading, or kayak fishing.

Venterior VT-FF001 Portable Design and Interface

The unit only has three buttons — Setup, Enter, and On/Off — making it easy to use right out of the box. Because the display information is straightforward and basic, there really isn’t much of a learning curve in using the unit, either.

The fish finder takes AAA batteries and comes with a neck strap to help make it portable. The only problem with the batteries is that they limit the life of the unit to about four (4) hours, so you will need to carry additional batteries if your fishing trip will be longer. The unit does have a battery saver feature that switches the device off after five minutes of inactivity.

The transducer is 100% waterproof; however, the receiver is not. While the receiver is water-resistant, you should be aware that it is not waterproof if you are going to use it in areas where it might get submerged accidentally.

The entire unit is light and highly portable, making it the perfect choice for a trip that requires flexibility and mobility. It also comes with a removable float and a neck strap. You can use this device in all kinds of fishing situations.



  • The Venterior VT-FF001 Portable FishFinder is relatively inexpensive. 

  • The device is light, portable, and functional in a variety of depths/temperatures. These features make it a good choice if you need flexibility in a fishfinder.

  • The technology and display are simple to set up and to use.

  • The device has a loud alarm to alert you when fish have been detected.

  • The unit answers the two most important questions that a fisherman has -- how deep is the water and where are the fish?


  • The Venterior VT-FF001 Portable FishFinder does not detect bait fish, which are often helpful in locating bigger fish. 

  • The receiver is not waterproof.

  • Despite depth capabilities of up to 300 feet, the unit only comes with a 25-foot long transducer cable.

  • The FishFinder does not include temporary mounting hardware for use on small boats or kayaks

  • The device has limited battery life.


In a recent fishing trip, we used the Venterior VT-FF001 Portable FishFinder which is a simple and highly functional fish finder.

We went fishing in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania which are famous for Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, for the Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville, and for the river raft adventures on the Youghiogheny River.

The Venturior FF001 Portable FishFinder is a great value for the money. It was a good choice for our hiking/fishing trip to the Laurel Highlands. We enjoyed fishing with it, and we enjoyed the ability to move from one body of water to another at whim, without having to worry about complicated technology but still able to enjoy the advantages of a fishfinder.